WHY we are doing this?

We believe having the ability to consult with any level in-house leader or team on how to find answers to seemingly unsolvable problems is the easiest and quickest way to earn a consulting day with your client.

Design4 can be applied to any problem situation. It is our most popular thinking approach and easy to master. It has the widest application possibility of all our thinking tools. You can be certified within 2 days and able to conduct a consulting assignment with a high level of confidence.

HOW we propose doing it?

We have taken one of our thinking tools from one of our most popular suite of thinking approaches and packaged it for easy assimilation and mastery. It is our Max4 tool being used as a Design4 thinking approach to enable innovative team thinking to solve most all types of challenges and problem situations.

We have taken this thinking tool and made it available as an on-line self-directed learning experience. You can access this module on our Learning Management System (LMS) and simply work through this in your own time. We will provide a resource (CTA Manager) that will help you with questions, application opportunities and any obstacles you might be experiencing. Once you are accredited and certified, you will be able to assist your clients in solving their vexing problems. You would also have the ability to train their in-house staff professionals to use it.

WHAT next?

We would enter into an agreement with you which would specify each parties obligations.  

You would pay a once time fee of US$1, 585.00 for the full accreditation and certification including coaching from your CTA Manager. However, for a short period your CTA Manager will provide you with a DISCOUNT CODE that will reduce this amount to US$585.00 only. Please obtain this code before enrolling for the module, by filling out the form to the right. 

This qualifies you to consult, facilitate and train the 4-hour Design4 thinking approach and tools with your client.

As mentioned before, this module is our most popular process and will give you the ability to generate immediate additional income within your existing and/or new clients. Thinking Dimensions also owns the intellectual property rights to other supporting processes in the critical thinking area. You can access these on a module by module basis as you need and interests dictate:

  • Incident Restoration Analysis – 4-hour module on how to arrive at a quick and accurate incident restoration in IT.
  • Root Cause Analysis – 4-hour module on how to determine root cause in IT and production environments. Most useful for Problem Managers, Engineers and Maintenance Staff.
  • Complex Decision Making – 8-hour module in how to reach consensus decisions with diverse stakeholders from different divisions and vested interested other parties.

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